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Christmas in the Wards partners with City of Chicago Aldermen to find families in need. We are currently partnered with the following Wards:

2nd Ward - Alderman Brian Hopkins
3rd Ward - Alderman Pat Dowell
4th Ward - Alderman Sophia King
5th Ward - Alderman Leslie Hairston
6th Ward - Alderman Rod Sawyer
7th Ward - Alderman Greg Mitchell
8th Ward - Alderman Michelle Harris
9th Ward - Alderman Anthony Beale
10th Ward - Susan Sadlowski-Garza
15th Ward - Alderman Raymond Lopez
16th Ward - Alderman Stephanie Coleman
17th Ward - Alderman David Moore
18th Ward - Alderman Derrick Curtis
20th Ward - Alderman Jeanette B. Taylor
21th Ward - Alderman Howard Brookins
24th Ward - Alderman Michael Scott, Jr.
27th Ward - Alderman Walter Burnett
28th Ward - Alderman Jason Ervin
29th Ward - Alderman Chris Taliaferro
34th Ward - Alderman Carrie Austin
37th Ward - Alderman Emma Mitts
47th Ward - Alderman Matt Martin
49th Ward - Alderman Maria Hadden

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